Christmas tree at Piazza Venezia in 2019

The Christmas tree located at Piazza Venezia in Rome has turned into one of the most famous Christmas trees in the world since 2017. That is when a tree that cost 45,000 Euro looked like a bald person (Spelacchio) with some silver decorations on it. Luckily for Rome, the tree became a bigger success in 2018, and now we are already looking forward to seeing the Christmas tree in 2019.

But, when will the Christmas tree be raised on Piazza Venezia in Rome in 2019? The tree is sponsored by Netflix, and it contains more than 600 spheres, and an amazing number of 60,000 LED lights to make it look beautiful in the evenings.

When will the lights be turned on at the Piazza Venezia Christmas tree in 2019?

The Christmas tree will be at the square from December 8th until January 6th. The lights will be turned on for the first time on December 8th just after it turns dark.

There will be lots of other Christmas trees located all around Rome, and the one in front of St. Peters Basilica is one of the most famous. There are also beautiful Christmas lights everywhere in the central area of Rome, so make sure to walk around to enjoy the beauty of the city in this period of the year.

Rome isn’t a city known for its amazing Christmas market at Piazza Navona anymore. If you want to know more about it, click the link. So, if you want to visit a traditional big and impressive Christmas market, you should probably visit a city like Prague or Vienna to enjoy the Christmas markets in those given cities. They are much bigger and more impressive than the Christmas markets in Rome. But, Rome is Rome, and it is a city worth visiting all year round, no matter if it has big Christmas markets or not!

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Christmas tree illumination in Rome
Christmas in Rome 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Markets in Rome 2015

Piazza del popolo by ChristmasChristmas time is soon back again which means that the Christmas markets are returning to the cities in Europe so in this short article we will list the best Christmas fairs in Rome.

Every year in the end of November and the beginning of December the Christmas period officially starts which means that the various Christmas fairs appears in the cities and the streets are decorated with Christmas lights and decorations.

As Rome is a vibrant and lively city it is not surprising that each year several Christmas markets await for the visitors. The biggest and most popular Christmas Market in Rome is the Piazza Navona Christmas Market which will open its gates on 26th November 2015 to 6th January 2016. The fair offers the best Christmas presents you can imagine, only high quality crafted gifts will be available for the visitors. Every year the fair attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Beside the unique Christmas presents the traditional Christmas dishes and beverages such as the various sausages, pastries, smoked ham and mulled wine will be also presented at the market.

Apart from this one there will be other Christmas fairs in the city but the exact dates are not released yet.

If you are looking for a great Christmas present to someone in Italy, why not give them a Netflix subscription, celebrating the fact that Netflix just arrived to Italy?

Rome Christmas market 2014

Rome ChristmasThe most famous and biggest Christmas market in Rome is the one arranged at Piazza Navona, in the heart of the city. The annual Christmas market will return to this square again in 2014, and here you can find the dates.

Rome Christmas market 2014 at Piazza Navona

November 26th, 2014 – January 6th, 2015

Would you like to visit the market? Find out more about Christmas markets in Rome at the link. For information about other events and things taking place in Rome, visit our Events calendar.