Important hills

Rome is the city on the seven hills, and we have already written an article especially about the Capitoline Hill. But, there are many important hills in addition to this one, and here you can read about some of them.

Palatine Hill

It was at the Palatine Hill that everything started according to the legend. According to this it was here that Remus killed Romulus, and after that he decided to built Rome. Even though the legend might not be true, architechts still support the idea that the construction of Rome started from the area around the Palatine Hill. The hill is located not far from Forum Romanum, and in the old days this is where the richest citizens of Rome lived. Even today this is a nicer area of Rome.

If you visit the Palatine Hill you can see the ruins of a large stadium more than 165 meter long and 50 meter wide. Visitors can also see ruins after the palace of Flavius and Augustus.

Metro: Colosseo (line B)

Quirinal Hill

Quirinal HillAt the Quirinal Hill the Presidential palace is located. The palace is named Palazzo del Quirinale. The palace served as the summer residence of the Pope until 1870 and later it turned into the residence of the Italian king. A lot of beautiful architechture can be admired at the hill, and there are some especiall nice fountains around here. This is the most northern of the seven hills of Rome.