National holidays

Italy is a religious nation, so on Sundays most shops are closed. You will still find some open shops on Sundays at popular areas, but in general Sundays are not the days for shopping. In addition to this there are quite some national holidays and public days off, and here you will find a list presenting those.

Public holidays in Italy

Public holidays in Italy1 January – New Year
6 January –
2 April – Saint Marks day (in Venice)
25 April – Liberation day
1 May – Workers day
24 June – John the Baptist day (only in Firenze)
29 June – Peter and Paul day (in Rome only)
15 August – Mary taken to heaven
1 November – All Saints Day
7 December – Saint Ambrosius day (in Milan)
8 December – Immaculate Conception day
25/26 December – Christmas

In addition to these days Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Monday are public holidays.