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Christmas market in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city, and before Christmas, it turns even nicer when the annual Christmas markets return to town. Find out more about them, and find other useful Rome Christmas market information in this article.

The most important of all the Christmas markets in Rome is the one arranged at Piazza Navona. This place will turn into a real winter wonderland during the period of Christmas and it is one of the most popular and anticipated events in the life of the city. Every year thousands of people come to Rome for Christmas and in the period of Advent and the number of visitors grows every year. You can find more information about the dates for the Christmas market here further down or in our Rome blog. It normally opens in the middle of November every year.

At the market, visitors will have the chance to experience the real spirit of the season and to do their pre-Christmas shopping. The Piazza Navona will be illuminated with thousands of lights and there will be plenty of stands where you can buy the best quality Italian-made handcrafted Christmas presents for your family and loved ones. Alongside the handcrafted Christmas gifts, there will be several other activities and programs waiting for the visitors. Every year there will be a wide selection of food and drink from the Christmas season such as crepes, sausages, and the most delicious mulled wines as well. The Christmas Market in Rome is the best place to get the festive spirit and have a good time getting the best Christmas presents.

After 2014, the Christmas market at Piazza Navona changed drastically. The local government laid its hands on the arrangement and removed all booths, and only let certain people remain at the market. However, those with a license to remain there left as well to sympathize with their friends. So, in 2015 and 2016, there were barely any stands at the Christmas market at Piazza Navona.

Since then, the market is still getting better and better every year, but it cannot be compared to what the square was like until 2014.

Dates for the Christmas markets in Rome.

Other Christmas markets in Rome are often arranged at the following locations:

  • Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini
  • Piazza Giuseppe Verdi
  • Piazza Caprera

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