The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is an opera house in Rome, Italy. The opera house originally opened in November in 1880. First it was called Constanzi Theatre and it had 2212 seats.

Opera Rome

During the years it was several times renamed. The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma’s seating capacity is around 1600 nowadays. The opera house of Rome was used to known as the Constanzi Theatre, it was named after Domenico Constanzi who built and financed it. The opera house built for 18 months until 1880. They payed attention especially to the acoustics of the building. The building has a horseshoe form and the it had seat capacity around 2212 seats. The house has an amphitheatre and two separate galleries. After several years the opera house was sold to the Rome City Council and it was renamed to Teatro dell’Opera di Roma in November 1926.

After some changes and renovations in the opera house it opened its gates again in 1928 with the opera Nerone by Arrigo Boito. The acoustics of the opera house in Rome is still one of the best in the whole world. Nowadays the Teatro dell’Opera di Rome is visited by thousands of people every year and it gives home to the best venues. There are plenty of operas and ballets the whole year.

Program in the Opera of Rome

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