If you find it to hot for a day walking around among the beautiful attractions of Rome, but you feel rather tempted to go for a swim somewhere, a nice beach could be what you are looking for. But, where can you find one in Rome? In the center of Rome no such beach can be found, but if you are willing to travel a bit away from Rome, you will find several options.

The most popular beaches to visit from Rome are called Ostia Lido, Anzio and Nettuno. To get to Ostia Lido you need to travel with the metro to Piramide (line B). There you should change to the line named Ferrovia Roma-Ostia Lido. Travel to the endstation. There you will also find a large area with ruins named Ostia Antica which might be of interest to those in love with history and old ruins.

If you would rather travel to Anzio or to Nettuno, you can travel with train directly from Rome to these destinations. Read more about trains in Italy at our train-page.

Enjoy the swim and relax before you return to Rome for more fun, activities and attractions!

Ostia Lido beach outside Rome