River cruises

River cruises in RomeRiver cruises are popular activities in several large cities in Europe, for example in Budapest and in Prague. In Rome you can also enjoy such a free-time program, but in general we recommend tours in the evening when you can see the beautiful architecture and buildings of Rome illuminated.

There are short trips, but there are also opportunities of joining in on wine cruises, dinner cruises and other Tiber river cruises. If you would like to read more about these trips, and maybe book tickets for one, read more about the following river cruise opportunities:

Booking  and further information: Rome River Cruises

[stbpro id=”alert”]For a long time all river cruises in Rome were cancelled due to pollution of the Tiber River, but now it seems like thing are back in business again, so if you want to enjoy a river cruise in Rome, go for it![/stbpro]