Rome Guide

WorldCityGuides is proud to present to you our Rome Guide. Rome is one of the most amazing cities on earth, and here you can get to see the past and the present side by side. Some of the most famous attractions of the world can be found here, so you better bring a good camera when traveling to Rome. The city has such a rich history, so it can be useful to get a bit into history before arriving, as that will enrich your experience of Rome a whole lot.

In our Rome Guide we will present to you the most famous attractions and “must-see” sights in Rome, including the St. Peters Basilica, the Colosseum and more. You can also read about activities and things you have to do while in Rome, find information on restaurants where you can eat really good Italian food, see hotel recommendations, read about transportation in Rome and much, much more.

We hope you will find answers to your questions, that you will enjoy the page, and that you will return after your stay in Rome to share your experience with the rest of our readers.

We wish you some very pleasant days in Rome!

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