Monument to V. Emmanuel II

In 1895 a construction work started which would divide the population of Rome in two. The monument built in honor of Victor Emmanuel II was only finished 40 years later (in 1935), based on the drawings of Giuseppe Sacconi. They material used to create the monument was white marble, and on the inside a memorial to the unknown fallen heroes from World War I can be seen.

But why did the monument divide the population of Rome in two? Some people consider the monument to large, totally destroying the image of Rome. Others consider the monument beautiful, making Rome even more wonderful than without the memorial. Today the most important fact is that the monument exists, and it is something you should see while in Rome for some days.

The monument is located at Piazza Venezia and it is easy to get here with bus. But, it is not far from Capitoline Hill and Forum Romanum, so you can easily get here on foot as well.

Pictures of the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II