Where to get professional translation to Italian from English online?

Translation onlineDo you have a website that you would like to have translated to Italian from English by a professional translator? Would you like it all to happen online, and if possible have the translation ready a few hours ago? That is a typical situation, and luckily there are ways in which this can be arranged.

Whenever we have translation work that needs to be done, not only when documents need to be translated form English to Italian, but if we need to have work translated from Italian to German, from Portuguese to English or whatever combination there is, then we use a service named ICanLocalize. This is a website which is easy to use, it is free to register and you can easily create a translation project for which translators around the world can apply and you decide for yourself which translator you would like to give the job to. As soon as you have released the project to a translator they will start the job and have it finished by the deadline you set yourself in the project description.

Doesn’t that sound great? We have used it and it is working and the rates are among the best on the Internet. If you do not trust the quality then you can also ask inside the system for the translation to be proofread by a third person, just to make sure everything is perfect!

Want to try it? Visit ICanLocalize and check it out!

It would maybe be even easier if you could help you out translating such documents, but luckily we are way to busy helping tourists coming to Rome and to busy updating our different websites, so go for it and try the mentioned service instead!

If you have questions or any comments, just write!

How to watch Rai 1 online from abroad?

I would like to watch Rai 1 online (Rai Uno), but I get a message that I do not have permission to watch the broadcast, because I am not in Italy at the moment. Can you help me?

This is a very typical problem and we have written about this in similar articles in general about how to watch Italian TV from outside Italy and in the article about how to get an Italian IP address. The answer is the same in this article as in the earlier articles, which is a VPN connection to an Italian server.

Watch Uno Rai from outside Italy
We are sorry. The content is not available due to copyright restrictions. (Rai.tv error message)

If you see the error message as on the image above this text, then the solution is to subscribe to HideMyAss and make a one month, six month or a 12 month subscription. After making the subscription you can download the software, and after that you can easily connect to a server in Italy. After the connection is made you should restart your web browser and then you will see the site as someone watching it from Italy, and in seconds and minutes you can be watching Rai.tv and the different channels online. We are writing this article from outside Italy and now, after connecting to a server in Italy with HideMyAss we get the following picture, as seen below:

Rai.tv - Rai Uno online from abroad
Hurray! We are watching Rai 1 from outside Italy online!

Good luck and enjoy watching Rai 1 from outside Italy!

How to get an Italian IP address?

We have earlier written an article about how to watch Italian TV from outside Italy, and the principle of that article is very much the same as the principle behind how to get an Italian IP address. In fact the answer is the same!

There might be various reasons for you needing an Italian IP address, but the answer to your question and what can help you is a VPN connection to a server in Italy. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, some sort of a tunnel, which connects you to the given server in Italy, and as of then all your surfing on the internett will look like it origins from Italy, thus also giving you an Italian IP address.

There are quite some services providing such help, but the best one, at least in our eyes based on our own testing and experiences, is HideMyAss. They offer you a subscription lasting for a month, 6 months or maybe even a year, and the prices are not high. They also offer you a software which you can use to easily connect to a server in the country you request. Thus you will not only be able to get an Italian IP address, but also a Spanish IP address, a Hungarian IP address, a Norwegian IP address or whatever sort of IP address you are in need of.

How to get an Italian IP address
Italian IP address

Yet another bonus is the fact that the connection is encrypted, meaning that others will not be able to spy on your internet activity. This is especially useful if you use open WiFi connections around which are easy to track and get your info. With this solution you will stay safe, and your private information will be kept private.

For more information, visit HideMyAss.

As mentioned earlier this is for example ideal if you need to visit some webpage which have content limited to visitors located in Italy. Connecting from abroad this is then unavailable, but if you connect using your username and password from HideMyAss you will easily be able to connect to the Italian server, and in five minutes from now you can get your hands on all the content only available to those in Italy!

Ps: In many cases you need to restart your browser after connecting to the server, so make sure to do that if it does not work on first try! If you want to check out whether you have succeeded in achieving an Italian IP address or not you can check your IP address here.