How to get an Italian IP address?

We have earlier written an article about how to watch Italian TV from outside Italy, and the principle of that article is very much the same as the principle behind how to get an Italian IP address. In fact the answer is the same!

There might be various reasons for you needing an Italian IP address, but the answer to your question and what can help you is a VPN connection to a server in Italy. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, some sort of a tunnel, which connects you to the given server in Italy, and as of then all your surfing on the internett will look like it origins from Italy, thus also giving you an Italian IP address.

There are quite some services providing such help, but the best one, at least in our eyes based on our own testing and experiences, is HideMyAss. They offer you a subscription lasting for a month, 6 months or maybe even a year, and the prices are not high. They also offer you a software which you can use to easily connect to a server in the country you request. Thus you will not only be able to get an Italian IP address, but also a Spanish IP address, a Hungarian IP address, a Norwegian IP address or whatever sort of IP address you are in need of.

How to get an Italian IP address
Italian IP address

Yet another bonus is the fact that the connection is encrypted, meaning that others will not be able to spy on your internet activity. This is especially useful if you use open WiFi connections around which are easy to track and get your info. With this solution you will stay safe, and your private information will be kept private.

For more information, visit HideMyAss.

As mentioned earlier this is for example ideal if you need to visit some webpage which have content limited to visitors located in Italy. Connecting from abroad this is then unavailable, but if you connect using your username and password from HideMyAss you will easily be able to connect to the Italian server, and in five minutes from now you can get your hands on all the content only available to those in Italy!

Ps: In many cases you need to restart your browser after connecting to the server, so make sure to do that if it does not work on first try! If you want to check out whether you have succeeded in achieving an Italian IP address or not you can check your IP address here.