How to watch Rai 1 online from abroad?

I would like to watch Rai 1 online (Rai Uno), but I get a message that I do not have permission to watch the broadcast, because I am not in Italy at the moment. Can you help me?

This is a very typical problem and we have written about this in similar articles in general about how to watch Italian TV from outside Italy and in the article about how to get an Italian IP address. The answer is the same in this article as in the earlier articles, which is a VPN connection to an Italian server.

Watch Uno Rai from outside Italy
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If you see the error message as on the image above this text, then the solution is to subscribe to HideMyAss and make a one month, six month or a 12 month subscription. After making the subscription you can download the software, and after that you can easily connect to a server in Italy. After the connection is made you should restart your web browser and then you will see the site as someone watching it from Italy, and in seconds and minutes you can be watching and the different channels online. We are writing this article from outside Italy and now, after connecting to a server in Italy with HideMyAss we get the following picture, as seen below: - Rai Uno online from abroad
Hurray! We are watching Rai 1 from outside Italy online!

Good luck and enjoy watching Rai 1 from outside Italy!