What to do during 24 hours in Rome?

Have you got 24 hours to spend in Rome? That is far too little, but still, it is 24 hours. What should you do during your 24 hours in Rome? Here is a list of suggestions!

Rome is one of the most amazing cities on earth. It is a city packed with beautiful buildings, built upon layers of history. Not only does the city have much to show you, but it also has some delicious eats waiting for you. 24 hours in Rome is too little, but still, if that is all that you have got, then let us make the most out of your time.

You are going to be tired in 24 hours from now

If you decide to discover as much as possible in Rome in 24 hours, you will for sure get tired. The city is best explored on foot, combined with some cabs and maybe some public transportation. But, you need to be well prepared for a lot of walking, you should have a map in your backpack, and a couple of bottles of water. Are you ready to go?

Angels castle in Rome
The Castle of the Holy Angel

The most important attractions in Rome

If you want to discover Rome in a lazy way, get yourself a ticket for a hop-on-hop-off bus. It is by far the most comfortable and most convenient way to get around in Rome, and you will not waste your time walking around on your own, trying to understand the map etc.

So, which are the most important attractions that you have to visit while in Rome for 24 hours? Here we have compiled a list of the most important sights.

In the Vatican Area

  • St. Peter’s Basilica.
    This is a must-see in Rome. The Vatican museum is beautiful, but make sure to have a skip-the-line ticket if you want to enter, if not you will spend your entire day (exaggerating a little) to get in.
  • Castle of the Holy Angel
    Combine this with your visit to the St. Peter’s Basilica. They are very close to one another, and this is a real beauty.
Spanish Stairs
The Spanish Stairs

In the city-center

  • The Trevi Fountain
    Everyone traveling to Rome needs to check out this famous and legendary fountain. It is said, if you throw a piece of money into the fountain, you will for sure return to Rome once again.
  • Pantheon
    A fantastic building in the center of Rome. The architecture of this building is extraordinary, and one of our favorite buildings in all of Rome.
  • The Spanish Steps
    These steps have been in the city of Rome for decades, and it is a very people place to meet your friends. More than 100 steps can be found here, and it received its name from the Spanish embassy located just nearby.

Next to the inner city

  • Monument to V. Emmanuel II
    At the fantastic Piazza Venezia, you will find the grandevous monument built in honor of Monument to V. Emmanuel II. This is a beauty in itself, and here starts your fantastic journey into the Roman empire.
  • Forum Romanum
    As you walk from the monument in the direction of the Colosseum, you will first walk next to Forum Romanum. This is a must-visit for people in love with history. Those who do not enjoy history will still enjoy this place, so this is warmly recommended.
  • Colosseum
    You might miss out on all the other attractions in Rome, but if there is one place you just have to visit, that is the Colosseum. Few attractions are as famous as this one in Rome, and this is a perfect place to spend some hours during your day in Rome. You should arrive early in the morning to skip lines and maybe even order your skip-the-line ticket before arriving in Rome.
Monument to V. Emmanuel II
Monument to V. Emmanuel II

Where to enjoy your dinner in Rome after a long day?

If you would like to visit all the mentioned attractions, you will have to run like a crazy mouse for at least 12-14 hours. You will for sure be tired afterward, and the question is where to relax and enjoy a nice dinner? We suggest that you head in the direction of the Tiber Island. It is a very nice walk to visit the tiny island. Following your visit to the Tiber Island, walk to the Trastevere district (just opposite the Tiber island). In this are you will find several nice restaurants, and it is a very popular area to hang out and enjoy life in the evenings.

How to get from the airport?

If you only have 24 hours in Rome, you better get quickly from the airport to the city-center, and quickly back to the airport. The most convenient way to travel between the airports in Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino) and the heart of Rome, is by using our airport transfer service. We have private drivers ready to take you directly from the airport to your hotel, and we can, of course, help bring you back to the airport later. Our prices are good, and we always try to arrange everything as quickly as possible. You can read more about our airport transfers service in Rome right here.

Any other pieces of advice?

If you want to see all the attractions listed in this article, you will either have to be very quick or use a hop-on-hop-off bus. Do your planning well, and if you have further comments, advice or questions, use the comment field beneath. We would love to hear from you!