Recommended activities for families with kids in Rome

Visit the Borghese Gardens in Rome with kids

Traveling with kids if awarding, but it can also be tiring. Here we help you prepare for your trip to Rome as a family with some family friendly activities in Rome.

As you plan your trip to Rome as a family you need to understand that compromising is needed, at least if you are a history-lover. There are few people in the world with as much history everywhere as Rome. The city is packed with amazing museums and interesting buildings, but with kids it will be very hard to see it all. Quite a lot will depend on the age of the kids coming with you, but no matter their age you will probably need to compromise a few things.

Here are some advises from us to those of you coming to Rome with kids!

Rome with kids – our advises

Do a hop-on hop-off tour!

You might need to compromise, but a hop-on hop-off bus tour is still perfect. Children in general love riding with bus and as a consequence you will see and hear about the most important attractions while the kids enjoy a bus round all around Rome.

  • Book a hop-on hop-off tour in Rome
A family friendly activity in Rome
A hop-on hop-off bus in Rome is always a success – Fotos593 /

Go to the Chocolate Factory

All children love chocolate, and that is why lots of families will enjoy a visit to the chocolate factory in Rome. This place is open from Monday till Saturday. You can find out more about the chocolate factory, its location and more at its official homepage. This is a place where you can buy chocolate and eat lots of chocolate, so this could serve out as a nice break in the middle of the day.

Visit the Villa Borghese Gardens

This is the perfect place to let your children run around and play for some hours. In the park you can also find Galleria Borghese, but most children will not be very attracted by that museum. In the park it is possible to rent different sorts of bicycles, the surroundings are idyllic and this is simply a great program for families with kids.

Visit the Borghese Gardens in Rome with kids
From the Borghese Gardens – Frank Bach / Shutterstock

Use public transportation

Lots of kids will find traveling with public transportation to be very cool. Simply going around with a metro will be a treat for many children (especially if they do not have metro at home). Traveling with buses is also nice, but the nicest treat will wait for those traveling with tram line number 3 in Rome. This touches the Colosseum and the Borghese Gardens and will let you see lots of sights and attractions along the way.

Throw coins into the fountains

Children will find it very cool if you let them throw coins into the different fountains all across Rome. You might find this to be an expensive experience if they throw many coins around, but save together the smallest Euro’s you have (or bring some local currency from elsewhere) and let the kids throw them into the fountains. The most popular fountain to throw coins in is the Trevi fountain.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome
The Trevi Fountain in Rome – Matthew Dixon / Shutterstock

Visit the Children museum

In Rome there is a dedicated museum to children and kids. As you visit the museum you will partake in a tour that lasts almost two hours and you will get to see and experience a lot along the way. Booking your visit is recommended and you can find out more about this museum at its official website.

Rome will be a treat for the entire family!

We hope you have found this list of children activities and family friendly programs in Rome useful. Have you got even more advises and recommendations, please write a comment to share your thoughts!

One thought on “Recommended activities for families with kids in Rome

  1. Javier says:

    When we visited Rome we threw coins into the famous fountain, and the kids really enjoyed it. They also had a great time visiting the Colosseum, but unfortunately they were a bit to small to actually understand what the place was about. But, that might be the “attraction” in Rome they remember the most.

    What they truly enjoyed was eating a lot of ice cream and using the public transportation, both the buses, trams and the metro.

    One little warning to families coming with children to Rome… it is very nice to visit churches, but in most places they require your children to keep quiet, so if they have loads of energy and a hard time keeping quiet, you might want to remain outside with them. And because of security controls everywhere, there will be a lot of waiting before entering the churches, something that can be quite demanding for children on a warm and sunny day in Rome.

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