Rome half-marathon

Do you like the sound of running a half-marathon in Rome? Then you should come to participate in the half-marathon which is better known as RomaOstia half-marathon. Why did it get that name? You start the half-marathon in the city of Rome and end up on the seaside in the popular city of Ostia, the closest location for those who want to visit the actual sea while in Rome.

Some might say that it is too early to swim in the sea in March, but if you want to cool down after the half-marathon, then you will not be far from the sea as you cross the finish line after running approximately 21 kilometers.

The half-marathon is a very popular distance, making it actually even more popular than the big marathon which normally is held one week after the half-marathon.

The price of participation is about 40 euros, and that is a very good price as you get to run in the city center of Rome before you run along one of the main roads towards Ostia. If you are among the earliest people to register for the event, you might be able to register at an even lower price. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the event.

You should register as early as possible because the number of participants is limited.

Rome half-marathon (RomeOstia) 2024

Date: March 3, 2024

Since the race ends in Ostia, you might wonder how you can travel back to Rome afterward. It is possible to run back to Rome, but an easier way is to use the shuttle buses that operate at a cost of 12 euros per person. How can you pay for that since you don’t bring money along as you run the marathon? You can pay for the shuttle bus upon registration, which means it is already included and a part of your package.

The time limit for the full race is 3 hours and 30 minutes. Be aware that the deadline for registrations is 2 weeks before the actual half-marathon.

Enjoy Rome, the half-marathon, and your days in the capital of Italy. If you have comments or questions, please write them in the comment field below.