Coldplay Rome

Music lovers and Coldplay fans from around the globe! Get ready to wear your dancing shoes and grab your glow sticks because something incredible is about to happen in the heart of Rome. That’s right, Coldplay is gearing up to rock the iconic Stadio Olimpico on July 12, 13, 15, and 16, 2024. It’s time to mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable musical journey with you singing along and swaying to the rhythm. So, whether you’re a ‘Fix You’ enthusiast or love ‘Adventure of a Lifetime,’ get ready to be blown away by the magic of Coldplay in one of the most stunning cities in the world. Let’s dive into all the exciting details and get set for a music-filled extravaganza like no other!

Coldplay is traveling worldwide, and their present tour will run for over a year. You read that correctly. It has already started (2023), and it will last far into 2024. In fact, by the time Coldplay comes to Rome, the summer of 2024 is nearly over and it is time for the kids to return to school, students to go back to their universities, and parents to remove their vacation vibes.

Coldplay is one of the most favorite bands in the world at the moment and it is no surprise that all tickets for the Coldplay concerts in Rome were sold out quickly. You can still buy second-hand tickets for the concerts by using the link below. They cost more than the standard tickets, but if you are willing to pay more to be at the Coldplay concert, this is definitely worth considering.

Coldplay Rome 2024

Dates: July 12-16, 2024
Location: Stadio Olimpico (this is where AS Roma plays their football matches normally)

Tickets: Viagogo (second-hand)

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Muse Rome 2013

Rome would be the perfect destination for a holiday in every summer, for everyone. If you haven’t been in the capital of the beautiful Italy, then here comes the time for it. We are not just saying that, because spend some day in Rome in every day of the year is fantastic, but in this summer you could see an unforgettable concert too, because the famous band, the Muse’s concert’s one station will be no other, but Rome!

The Muse was founded in 1994 in Devon Country, England. The members are the singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy, the bass and rhyme guitarist and vocalist Christopher Wolstenholme and the drummer Dominic Howard. The band released several great albums and hits. Their last studio album, The 2nd Law was released in the last year, 2012. After that the band started a worldwide tour which lasts between September 2012 and September 2013. During the tour, the boys travel around the world twice, and in this summer they visit the European metropolises again, including Rome.

The concert will be in the Italian capital at the Stadio Olimpico at 6 July 2013. The Stadio Olimpico opened in 1937 and its capacity is more than 70.000 people.

Do not miss one of the most outstanding bands of the British rock music. Visit to Rome with your friends, family or partner, because besides this concert you could see lauds of attractions here. Have a great time!

Muse concert Rome 2013

Stadio Olimpico
July 6th

Tickets: – WorldTicketShop

Muse Rome 2013