Måneskin concert in Rome

Måneskin is an Italian band. It had its big breakthrough when it won the Eurovision Song Contest, and since then, the band has created big hits such as Beggin’. The band will have two giant concerts in Rome in Palazzo Dello Sport in March 2023.

Måneskin will perform all across Europe in 2023 as they visit big cities such as Budapest, Paris, Cologne, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna and many other cities. They will also perform in New York. Since the band is Italian, Måneskin will perform in several Italian cities such as Florence, Naples, Assago, Bari, Bologna, and Milan.

It is also important to know that Måneskin will return to Rome for a third concert at the Olympic Stadium on July 20th, 2023. If you miss the concerts in Palazzo Dello Sport in March, come to Rome for the concert in July 2023.

Want to be prepared for the concert? Buy the new album named Rush! as many of the songs will be from this album.

Måneskin Rome 2023

March 24, 25 & July 20
Palazzo Dello Sport & Olympic Stadium

Euro 2020: Italy – Switzerland

Italy will play against Switzerland at the Olympics Stadium in Rome on the sixteenth of June. This will be the last match of the day in the European Championship in football and it will start at 21.00. Are you eager to watch Italy – Switzerland? Do you believe Italy will win the match easily, or do you think Switzerland with their skills and their discipline will be able to stop the Italian team?

Before Italy will play against Switzerland on the sixteenth of June, Finland will play against Russia (a match in Group B), and Wales will play against Turkey (the second match in Group A). Based on the results of the first match of the teams, it might be that Italy and/or Switzerland will know that a win in this match should be able to secure them a place in the knockout stage of the tournament. But, if things are bad, one of the teams might need a win in this match to even have the slightest chance of qualifying for the knockout stage.

No matter what, this match is set to be incredibly interesting!

italy - switzerland

The match will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome

This match will be played at the Olympics Stadium in Rome. The stadium has a capacity of close to 70,000 spectators, but it will only be filled to 25% during the Euro 2020 matches because of Covid-19 regulations. If you are unable to be there in person, make sure to find a TV channel in your country that will broadcast the match. You can also find information about how you can stream the European Championship in football online right here.

In order to enter the venue, all specators need to have a proof of vaccination or a proof of a recent negative PCR test.

If you have some time before or after the match, make sure to look around in our Rome Guide for more information about attractions, activities, museums, and other things worth checking out while in Rome.

U2 concert in Rome

The third U2 concert in Europe in 2017 will be arranged at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The U2 concert will be arranged on July 15th starting at 18.30.

There want be to many U2 concerts in Europe in 2017, so if you are eager to watch Bono and the U2 crew then you better use this chance. Will lots of bands visit cities not only in central, but also Easter European cities such as Prague, Krakow and Budapest, U2 will remain in the western part of Europe and visit cities such as London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels and Berlin.

[stbpro id=”alert”]An extra U2 concert will be held in Rome on July 16th. [/stbpro]

When a concert is announced in Rome and the venue is set to the Olympics Stadium then we can all know for sure that this will be an amazing experience. At the U2 concert in Rome in 2017 we can expect thousands of people to come to listen to their favorite band. But, you better be prepared, because this will not be a concert presenting the greatest hits throughout the U2 history. The tour itself is called the Joshua Tree Tour, and it is in remembrance of the first U2 album The Joshua Tree from 1987. That is why you should listen to that album a lot before the concert, as the songs from that album will be the ones you will hear during this U2 concert in Rome.

Would you like to be there at this U2 concert in Rome?

U2 concert in Rome 2017
Be there in Rome for the U2 concert at July 15th in 2017

U2 concert in Rome 2017

Olympic Stadium
July 15th-16th, 18.30

Tickets: Viagogo

Pres the link above to visit Viagogo where you will be able to buy tickets for all U2 concerts across Europe. They might be a bit expensive, but at least you will get a chance to be there at the U2 concert in Rome or at any of the other U2 concerts in Europe in 2017.

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