Bjork concert in Rome

Are you ready for an amazing event which will include old ruins and a beautiful, modern voice? Come to the baths of Caracalla on June 13th and listen to the beautiful voice of Bjork.

The Baths of Caracalla is an amazing complex that was built in the 3rd century. This is the place where a lot of citizens of Rome came to take a bath, and it is said that more than 1500 people used it simultaneously. Today you can visit the ruins of the place while in Rome, and the easiest way to get there is by taking the metro to Circo Massimo and walk from there. But, if you want to visit the place and enjoy an amazing event at the same time, you better come to Rome in June 2018, because on June 13th Bjork will perform and sing among the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla.

Bjork Rome

Bjork Concert in Rome

Baths of Caracalla
June 13th, 21.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you visit the ticket site above, do a search for “Rome” or “Bjork”, and you will find all concerts available and you can easily buy tickets for the Bjork concert in Rome.

More about Bjork

Bjork is a legendary singer with an amazing voice. She was born on Iceland in 1965, and she has had a fantastic career so far. But, it doesn’t seem to be over. She dares to do new things, and as she released her newest album Utopia in 2017, she gave everyone purchasing the album 100 Audiocoins as a gift (Audiocoins is a cryptocurrency). It is not at all as famous as Bitcoin. but it might turn bigger in the coming years. In fact, since the release of the album, the value of the gift has increased 3 times in value (it was originally 0,19 USD, now it is more than 0,60 USD), so who knows? Maybe in a few years, people will hunt for copies of the Utopia album, in order to get the 100 Audiocoins together with the album?

We hope you will have a fantastic time in Rome, and that you will enjoy the Bjork concert! If you have comments or questions, write them down in the comment field.