Exhibition on baroque in Rome in 2015


The exhibition ‘Baroque in Rome: The Wonder of the Arts’ is shown in Rome at the Fondazione Roma Museo since the beginning of April until the end of July 2015.


The exhibition The Wonder of the Arts displays the development and the artistic evolution which made Rome the capital of the Baroque era. At the exhibition visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the most unique and well known baroque art works including the works of Guido Reni, Pietro da Cortona, Simon Vouet, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and so on. The exhibition also contains some less known or unknown baroque art works that has never been exhibited before. The exhibition shows the Baroque period from its birth to the end of the era highlighting the most influential events and persons of this period.

The exhibition ‘Baroque in Rome: The Wonder of the Arts’ is shown until 26th July in 2015 at the Fondazione Roma Museo in Rome.

Tickets for the exhibition are already available.

Fondazione Roma Museo
Via del Corso, 320, Rome, Italy

For more information on the exhibition and the museum please visit the official site.

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