Deep Purple concert in Rome 2017

Deep Purple Rome 2017

Deep Purple has been to Rome lots of times, and in 2017 they will return again. On June 22nd the band will return to perform at PalaLottomatica. Will you be there?

Deep Purple visited Rome back in 2012, in 2015 and for sure lots of other times as well. The band has in other word been to town several times, and hopefully they have visited the most famous attractions in town as well, like Colosseum, Forum and all the other magnificent places. Since they have a tight schedule during their tour, they will probably not have much time for attractions and pizza-eating during their tour, but that does not mean that you should skip out on those programs as well. When visiting Rome you simply have to discover all the beauties of the city, and you can read more about the different attractions in Rome here our Rome Guide.

Deep Purple Rome 2017

A magnificent summer coming up in Rome

Not only will Deep Purple perform in Rome on June 22nd, but three days later another popular band will come to perform in Rome as well. Depeche Mode is the other band, and if you want to be there at the Deep Purple or the Depeche Mode concert, or maybe both, then you can buy tickets for all these events at the site we refer to further down.

Deep Purple Rome 2017

June 22nd, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

In addition to Rome, Deep Purple will also visit lots of other cities in Europe. You can in other words enjoy Deep Purple in lots of cities in Europe in 2017, so if you are a big fan, why not listen to the band as they visit Vienna in Austria to perform there, or maybe listen to the band in the Paris of the East (Prague)?

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