Christmas presents to buy in Rome

Rome Christmas present

Rome Christmas presentWhat is the best presents you can get on a holiday in Rome for Christmas? In this article we will answer this question so just keep on reading.

Rome is a busy city where you can find thousands of various stores, shops and markets everywhere in the city. It is hard to define the ideal Christmas present but we will give you some tips on the gifts you can purchase in Rome.

La Talpe

La Talpe is a nice shop in Rome where you can find all the coolest presents for Christmas. The store is a combined art gallery and shop where you can get handmade pieces of European artists and the collection of the store changes monthly. You can find all the handmade jewellery such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and so on. The other popular thing you can get as a present in Rome is porcelain.

You can find all the stylish porcelain cups, vases, plates and more. In the city there are plenty of stores where you can buy the nicest glass works such as plates, ashtrays, plates, bowls and so on and all the handmade glass works are for a fair price.

In the city you can also get your Christmas presents at the different Christmas markets in the heart of the city. At the markets you can get the usual Christmas market gifts such as the handmade wooden toys for children, different accessories, jewellery, bags, lamps and so on.

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