How can I watch Engand vs Italy online on June 14th?

I am a big fan of football, and since I am Italian, Italy is my favorite team. For some reasons my parents are taking me on holiday in some days, meaning that I will not be able to watch the match England vs Italy on June 14th on the TV in my room. Can you guys please help me and tell me how I can watch the match online?

Hello, and thank you for the question! It is easy to watch the match between England and Italy and all the other matches in the World Cup online. You can read more about the actual match you are interested in at the watchworldcup site, and in addition you can also find detailed information on how to watch all matches from the World Cup online in that referred to article.

We are not sure Italy will do too good in the FIFA 2014, but hopefully we will be surprised, and in the end Italy will go all the way to the top with a big trophee in their hands.

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