Which is the best five star hotel in Rome?

Portrait Rome

Are you coming to Rome and want to stay in the best of the best? Then this article is for you, because here we will tell you which is the best five star hotel in Rome, based on our own opinion and thousands of user reviews written on the Internet.

Rome is a giant city, and one of the most fantastic places to visit on earth, with famous attractions such as the Spanish Stairs, the Colosseum, Forum Romanum and tons of other sights. If you want to live in a hotel in the same fabulous style, then a five star luxury hotel is the solution. But, which is the best five star hotel in Rome?

The best five star hotel in Rome

Well, there are quite a lot of hotels to choose from, but here is the one we consider to be the best at the moment:

Portrait Roma

This hotel is located in the heart of Rome, and within a few minutes you can walk to quite a lot of the most famous attractions of Rome. It is a luxury hotel surrounded by luxury shops and some very nice trattorias and restaurants. In addition the hotel has designer rooms, it has free wireless Internet, a rooftop terrace with beautiful view towards the city and so much more. If you come with car, you can unfortunately not park here by the hotel (useful to know).

Portrait Rome
Portrait Rome

Funny fact: Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, stayed at this hotel during his honeymoon in Rome.

Another option – Boscolo Exedra

If you feel like living in a bigger and maybe more “majestic” and impressive hotel from the outside, then take a look at the following picture of the Hotel Boscolo Exedra. It has a stunning look on the outside, and they have used a lot of money at making this such an impressive building. Inside you have three restaurants, free WiFi, fitness center, SPA area, a beautiful glass elevator connecting the SPA area with the rest of the hotel and much more.

Boscolo Exedra Rome
Boscolo Exedra Rome

Now you have read about two fantastic hotels in Rome. Choose for yourself which sounds like the best, but we can guarantee that at both locations you will be treated like a king, and for sure have a good time. Check prices and read more about the hotels using the links.

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