Sagra dell’Uva in Marino 2012

A little medieval castle town: Marino is only 40 minutes from the centre of Rome. This region is famous from its Roman Emperors and wine and: Sagra dell’Uva Festival: a famous grape and wine festival has been celebrated on the first Sunday of October every year since 1925. Thousands and thousands people are coming from all over the region to participate on this annual special event.

On the festival day, the city’s main fountains and balconies of local houses are decorated with colorful flowers and lights and the highlight of the whole event is that instead of water, wine flows from all the public fountain, so that visitors can taste them freely.

Traditional shops of the town are also open and visitors can buy some food, such as soft white bread, meat and of course wine, to keep them going. Streets are filled with music and people in different traditional costumes, moreover, large bushes of grapes are on sale there for those who wish to make their own wine and finally, late at night fireworks comes.

It is essential to know that this festival is not only in Marino but main specialties can only be found there. Despite the fact, our advice is to be very careful. If you are intending to go, be warned that Marion is a working town and the wine festival is not put on for tourists, so do not expect a polished event. Also, with the wine flowing freely, the mood can get boisterous so make sure to leave before things get too rowdy.

Sagra dell’Uva in Marino 2012

October 7th