The best restaurants in Rome

La ProsciutteriaThe capital of Italy, Rome is one of the most popular cities in Europe and in the whole world. Every year thousands and millions of people comes to the city to see the historical buildings and monuments of the city. As Rome is among the most visited cities in Europe there are plenty of programs and activities to find during a visit. Apart from the greatest attractions in the city there are plenty of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs to go. In this article we will list some of the best restaurants in Rome.

It is important that these are not the restaurants to visit for a real fine dining, gourmet experience, but these are more like most popular restaurants in Rome, and in a way the coolest and super restaurants, but the real gourmet might not be the correct word. But, if you visit them, you will soon understand why they have become so popular!


Likeat is a really popular restaurant in Rome. The place offers breakfast, brunch and lunch as well. The place is more like a fast food restaurant with the most delicious and fresh sandwiches to choose from. The staff is friendly and the service is fast. Likeat offers a wide range of paninis and sandwiches and different international beers as well for really reasonable prices. It is a perfect place for a quick and easy lunch during a sightseeing. The only problem with the place that the it does not have a bathroom. The Likeat is located in the heart of Rome and it is open every day.


Pinsere Roma is another well known restaurant in the central of Rome. Pinsere Roma got high rates on several sites from the visitors and tourists. The restaurant offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and take away as well. Although the place is always really crowded and busy the service remains fast and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. Pinsere Roma offers a wide selection of pizzas and pastas to choose from for a friendly price. The meals are freshly made with the best ingredients. The bar does not have any seats so it is more like a pop in and out restaurant. The place is open from Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.

Pinsere Roma
Pinsere, Roma


Waraku is a Japanese restaurant also located in the heart of Rome. It offers a wide range of traditional Japanese meals such as Gyoza, Ramen and Okonomiyaki. The restaurant only has 16 tables so you have to book a table before visiting. The quality of the meals are great and the staff are friendly. The restaurant is cosy and has a great atmosphere. At the restaurant you can only pay by cash. It is highly recommended for everyone who is into authentic Japanese dishes.

La Prosciutteria

La Prosciutteria is an Italian wine and sandwich bar in Rome. The restaurant is one of the most popular spots in the city and it is highly recommended on several sites. The restaurant is perfect for breakfast, brunch and lunch. The meals are for a friendly price and the service is fast and helpful. The La Prosciutteria offers a wide range of different kind of sandwiches with fresh ingredients. Apart from the sandwiches there are all kind of salami and cheese platters, salads and the most delicious wines by glass or bottle. The restaurant has wide selection of the best quality hams, cheeses and salamis. La Prosciutteria is located in the heart of Rome and it is open Sunday to Saturday from 11 in the morning until 11.30 in the evening.

These are the most popular places in Rome according to the tourists, but there are plenty of other restaurants and bars to visit from during a holiday.

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