How to watch Italian TV only available to those located in Italy?

How can I watch Italian television online in my own country? Not the normal broadcasts, but those who seem to do not work for viewers watching from outside Italy?

Thank you for the question. Many TV channels allow their broadcasts to be seen abroad throughout the year, with no problems. But other channels, and especially during special championships, sports events, Olympics and so on close their broadcasts so that viewers from other nations can not see these broadcasts. The problem is there for many, but there are some solutions to the problem. The solution is for the webpage of the TV channel somehow to believe that you are located in Italy. But, how can you do that? It is not really that hard, and there are quite some services online who can help you with this. one of this is HideMyAss. If you go to their webpage and register for a small amount of money you can download their software and later without any problems set up your internet connection to have an Italian IP address. And with an Italian IP address the problem has been solved, and you can watch whatever content limited for Italian viewers only. The good thing is that this is not only working for Italy, but if you later would like to see online content limited to viewers in England only, this program/service will solve the problem again.

We have tried the service ourselves and it worked fine with us (a great thing during the Summer Olympics in London 2012), so we can recommend this service for this kind of usage. For more information, visit their webpage.

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