Not even the Italians had faith in Italy before Euro 2016

Before the start of Euro 2016 not many Italians had faith in the disciples of Antonio Conte. Lots of people did not agree with the players he selected for the team, and considering the group in which Italy had to play their group stage matches in Euro 2016 many people believed that they would not even qualify for the knockout stage.

But, the first match of the tournament changed everything as they played impressive football and won 2-0 against Belgium in their opening match. After beating Sweden in their second match they were already group winners and nothing was at stake at all before their last group stage match against Ireland, which they lost.

But, when all groups had played all their matches the Italians soon realized that the future for the Italian team would be very tough, too tough. In their round of 16 match Italy had to play against the former champions Spain. That is a match few people believed they would actually win, but if they did, then their upcoming opponent would be Germany. And if they should play super football again and beat Germany then France would probably be their next opponent in the semi-final. So, few Italians believed in their team before Euro 2016, and even fewer believed in the Italian team as they saw their possibilities as the knockout stage schedule was shaped.

Most Italians would however agree that there is an easier way to the Euro 2016 final, and that is if Iceland would continue in the same way as they played against England in their round of 16 match. If that is so, then the semi-final opponent of Italy would not be France  but Iceland instead.

But, in their first knockout stage match against Spain they were by far the best team on the field and won 2-0 against the former champions. Now Germany is waiting in the next match and the people of Rome and the people of the rest of Italy now raise their expectations to the Italian team. But, they do not dare to believe to much in their team still, after all they will play their next match against Germany, the biggest favorite to win the entire tournament.

We will cheer for Italy and hope that they will continue in the spirit from their matches against Belgium and Spain. If they do not even Germany will be able to stop them. If you want to watch the match between Germany and Italy online, read the following article on or the following article in Italian.


Best pubs where you can watch Euro 2016 in Rome

Are you coming to the nation of pizza and spaghetti between June 10th and July 10th? Want to watch Euro 2016 on a pub somewhere here in town? Here are our advises!

If you are afraid to miss out on some of the highlights during Euro 2016 because you are in Rome, then we are here to tell you not to be afraid. There will be several places where you can watch the Euro matches in Rome and here are our suggestions concerning where to watch the matches!

Live sports in ROme

Sports bars in Rome

Highlander Pub is the most famous of all sports bars in Rome and it is a bar 100% committed to sports. This is the number one place for all sorts of sports and of course the number one place if you want to watch Euro 2016 in Rome.

Highlander Pub: Vicolo di San Biagio 9, 00186 Roma

If you want to check out some other pub where you can watch Italy play in the group stage, and hopefully during the knockout stage as well, then here are some more pubs that will show the matches.

  • Scolars Lounge: 101B Via del Plebiscito, Roma, 00186
  • Abbey Theatre, Via del Governo Vecchio 51
  • Druid’s Den, Via San Martino ai Monti, 28- ROMA

If you come to Rome simply to watch sports at any other time of the year  and want to find a bar that will show your favorite football team, then Highlander Pub is the one to go for. They are showing several football matches every single day and there you can both drink good, be in good company and see all the best football matches available.

If you want to know more about watching Euro 2016 online and see a full schedule visit or if you understand Italian, then you can read the following article: Come guardada Euro 2016 on-line?

We hope you will have a good time in Rome, and that Italy will easily beat Sweden, Ireland and Belgium easily during the group stage of Euro 2016.