Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome

On July 16th it is time for the Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome which will be arranged at Circus Maximus. Information about tickets, the concert and more.

Bruce Springsteen Rome 2016Bruce Springsteen is often just called the King and for this tour which some people believe to be his last he will visit lots of cities across Europe. He will for example perform in Dublin, in Vienna, in Milan, in Madrid, in Lisbon, in London and lots of other cities. The Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome will be arranged on July 16th and it is supposed to start at 20.00. As of now it seems as if the Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome will be hist last during this tour in Europe in 2016, meaning that if you have not been able to be there at any of the other Bruce Springsteen concerts, this is your last chance to listen to him live in Europe for while. If you want to buy Bruce Springsteen tickets, then you can buy tickets for the concert in Rome and all other Bruce Springsteen concerts at WorldTicketShop. You will find the link to their site in the bottom of the article.

If you want to get ready for the concert by purchasing a Bruce Springsteen CD, vinyl, .mp3 or maybe a video, then you can do so at

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Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome 2016

Circus Maximus
July 16th, 20.00.

Tickets: WorldTicketShop