Five things you should know before visiting Rome

Angels castle in Rome

You have probably read about the most important attractions in Rome already. But, it is not necessarily enough to know which places to visit. Here we will give you some practical advice that might make your stay in Rome even more enjoyable.

Angels castle in Rome
Five things you should know about Rome

As you travel to Rome you are for sure planning on visiting the most famous attractions. We have already written an article here in our Rome Guide on what to discover in Rome in 24 hours, so if you haven’t seen that yet, please read it. We do know that 24 hours is way too little in Rome, so hopefully, you will have more time for your stay, but the basic information is still useful.

But, there is some practical information that can help make your stay in Rome better, more efficient and that will help you better understand what’s going on in Rome. This article has been inspired by Lisa Marie’s YouTube video named “10 things you should know before visiting Rome.”

Five things you should know before visiting Rome

  1. The city of Rome stops when it rains
    This is a very important thing to know before your stay in Rome. Hopefully, you will not have to deal with rain at all, but if the rain starts pouring, be prepared for delays and trouble. You will notice this especially well if you use public transportation as buses will be delayed, the metro stations will be packed with people, you will see leaks and water coming through the roof in the stations, and so on. Do not be surprised!
  2. Not all buildings have elevators
    If you have booked your apartment or hotel on, Airbnb or somewhere else, make sure to check whether they have an elevator or not (if that is of importance to you). Lots of old houses and hotels in Rome do not have elevators, which can cause trouble for those having trouble walking up and down steps with lots of luggage.
  3. You will not find Starbucks in Rome
    This is not at all important, but to some, it might be. Lots of people love Starbucks, and they plan on having a cup of coffee in Starbucks while in Rome. Well, forget it, because you will not find any Starbucks in Rome. But, do not despair as the coffee in Rome is fantastic, and you will probably not miss Starbucks at all as you visit the different cafes and coffee houses around Rome.
  4. Take care of your valuables
    This is a very well known advice, but read it once again, and watch out for your valuables. Do not walk around with your wallet or telephone or other valuables at visible spots. It is better to take too good care of your stuff than spending half your stay at your local embassy and the police station to file reports. The pickpockets are especially active in the tourist areas and at public transportation.
  5. Toilets will often cost 1 or 2 Euro to use
    If you need to go the toilet, our best advice is to find a cafe or restaurant, buy some small products and take a break. If you purchase something you can use the toilets for free and get a break at the same time. If that doesn’t sound good to you, then you can use the public toilets, but the price is normally 1 or 2 Euros. These toilets look nice as they are closely looked after, but why not spend 1 or 2 Euro on a cup of coffee instead, and use the toilet for free? McDonald’s and Burger King restaurants normally have free toilets, but they often have long lines.

These were five advises to those coming to Rome. If you have further pieces of advice, please write a comment beneath. If you would like to watch the full YouTube video from Lisa Marie with her bits of advice, check the video beneath.


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