Al Duello

If you want to get to know Martina and Simone Al Duello is the restaurant to visit. The restaurant is located in the vicinity of Piazza Navona, and here Martina and Simone welcomes their guests, and do the uttermost to make everyone feel at home with smiles and great food.

There are many restaurants cheaper than Al Duello in Rome, but this one gives you very personal service, and you can even order interesting five course dinners. Some people call this food Italian with a twist. Check it out, and write a comment once you have been there.

Al Duello

Vicolo della Vaccarella, 11, 00186 Rome, Italy
+39 66873348

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      • naoko says:

        Hi, my name is Tony, and I worked for more than 4 years with them at al duello. They have 2 beautiful children, the final reason to sell , so they could spend more time with their new family. They live about 40 kilometres away from the restaurant, so making the journey every day was always more difficult, as you can imagine with 2 babies, et al. They now both work closer to home near lago bracciano. I see and hear from them frequently and worked with simone, in another restaurant after the sale of Al duello, for a few months before he finally decided to stay closer to family and home. Ciao, tony

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