Christmas markets 2023

Would you like to experience the traditional Christmas markets in Rome this year? Even though there are cities in Europe way more famous for their Christmas markets, you can still enjoy some beautiful markets if you come to Rome before Christmas.

The most famous Christmas market in Rome is located at Piazza Navona, but you can also find popular Christmas markets at Piazza Mazzini, and Mercato Monti.

The first two are quite traditional Christmas markets, while Mercato Monti is a market available throughout the entire year. The only difference is that it is filled with Christmas products and artifacts in the weeks before Christmas.

Would you rather enjoy some ice skating? If you go to the Auditorium in Rome, you can combine ice skating with a small Christmas fair with products from local artists, and you can also eat delicious food from the food stands located in the area.

Christmas market at Piazza Navona in 2023.

Dates: December 8, 2023 – January 6, 2024.

You can get to Piazza Navona using public transportation and the following buses: 30, 46, 62, 64, 70, 82, 492, and 916.

Christmas market at Piazza Mazzini.

Dates: December 8, 2023 – December 24, 2023.

You can get to Piazza Mazzini by taking the metro to “Re di Roma” or by traveling with bus lines 590, 649, 650 or 671


Dec 08 2023 - Jan 08 2024


All Day


Piazza Mazzini
Piazza Mazzini

Other Locations

Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona

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