The Vatican State in RomeThe Vatican is the name of the state owned by the Catholic church, in fact the smallest state in the entire world. The Vatican exist since 1929 and it covers and area of 44 hectares. The leader of the Vatican is the Pope, who at the same time is the head of the Catholic church.

The Vatican is located at the Mons Vaticanus (Vatican Hill) and from here it has received its name. To this area Emperor Nero brought an obelisk during his reign, and this can still be seen at the Saint Peter’s Square today. According to the legend Peter was also crucified at the square.

According to the official statistics the Vatican has 571 inhabitants. The most important citizen is the Pope, and in addition to him bishops and people from the Papal Swiss Guard.

There are several buildings in Rome belonging to the Vatican, but they are still located outside the official “border” of the Vatican. Some of these are:

– Lateran basilica
– Santa Maria Maggiore
– San Paolo Fuori le Mura
– and many, many more

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