Attractions in RomeWe often say that everything started in Rome, and the slogan that all roads lead to Rome is well known to everyone. Due to Rome’s importance in history, few cities on earth has more attractions and historical sites to be seen than the city of Rome. You will often feel surrounded by tourists with cameras and Iphone’s making pictures, but that is an important part of the atmosphere of Rome.

In Rome one day is not enough, two is not enough either, but in three-four days you will have enough time to get to know the city and its most important sights much better. Due to the large amount of attractions we have made one more subcategory named “even more attractions”, where you can read about amazing attractions in Rome, but they might come in second hand if you have limitied time.

We recommend that you walk around in Rome a whole lot. The atmosphere of the culture and the history can much easier be experienced on foot than using the metro.

Attractions in Rome